Gayndah Museum

Gaydah is a major citrus growing area in the North Burnett region of Queensland

Gayndah Museum - historic vintage vehicle display

The Gayndah Museum has an extensive collection of vintage and veteran vehicles. They range from trucks and cars through to tractors and even a vintage railway ambulance.

Many of our vintage vehicles have been restored and are in full working order.

Bessemer Truck and Sunshine Tractor
A Bessemer truck built during World War 1 and believed to be the only one of its kind left in Australia is one of the highlights of our collection ... and it's in operating condition.

Another highlight is one of only two Sunshine tractors in operating condition known to be in Australia. This tractor was built by H V McKay in Sunshine Victoria

We also have a very early Renault tractor on display along with a Ruggles Go Getter truck (registered for road use), a rare Ford Model T fitted with an Brisbane-made body and several vintage cars from both America and the United Kingdom.

Railway Ambulance
A fully restored Queensland Railways ambulance also forms part of our collection along with several of the wagons from a horse-drawn artillery unit and a variety of other pieces of farm equipment from the early days of the Gayndah area.

These displays are accessible and visitors to the Museum can wander through them and marvel at what our forebears could do with the limited technology of their time.

You won't find this equipment anywhere else so grab your camera and come to Gayndah!

Rare Bessemer Truck


Part of the collection at the Gayndah Museum


The Gayndah Museum is located in Simon Street, Gayndah
Opening hours are from 9am to 4pm every day of the year except Good Friday and Christmas Day.
The Museum can be contacted on (07) 4161 2226 or after hours on (07) 4161 1698


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