Gayndah Museum

Gaydah is a major citrus growing area in the North Burnett region of Queensland

Gayndah Museum - a sample of some of our historic photos and equipment.

Here are a few photos from our large photographic collection plus photos of some of the old, historic machinery that we have on display here at the Gayndah Museum.

Life in Gayndah in the 19th Century
These days we often have a view of life back in the 1800s as being hard with little fun or amusement for the residents of a town like Gayndah. Take a close look at this photo and you might see something that will change your mind.

The Governor of Queensland is escorted into Gayndah by
Mounted Police
Two of the many shops that lined the main street of Gayndah
A small view of part of the main street of Gayndah when genuine horse power was still the primary form of transport.
Overell's Drapery Store in the main street of Gayndah
The drapery store was once one of the central gathering points
for shoppers in small rural towns. This store is still in open
for business and has the original flying-fox system still in operating condition..
An early Gayndah football team
Sport has always been a major part of life in Gayndah and the very first Queensland Derby was run in Gayndah
The Gayndah town band
Gayndah had its own town band for many years.
An early tractor used in the Gayndah district
Early machinery was a far cry from what is available to farmers these days. This early tractor had steel wheels.
A unique Bessemer truck built during WWI
The Gayndah Museum's machinery collection includes this Bessemer truck. As far as we know it's the only one of its kind in Australia ... and it is in operating condition.
One of the small operating steam engines on display at the Gayndah Museum
Steam engines were an important piece of machinery for farmers in the Gayndah district. The Museum has several in operating condition including this 2.5hp Clayton Shuttleworth engine
A twin cyclinder steam engine in operating condition on display at the Gayndah Museum
This Marshall 11 hp twin cylinder steam engine is also in
operating condition.


The Gayndah Museum is located in Simon Street, Gayndah
Opening hours are from 9am to 4pm every day of the year except Good Friday and Christmas Day.
The Museum can be contacted on (07) 4161 2226 or after hours on (07) 4161 1698


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