Gayndah Museum

Gaydah is a major citrus growing area in the North Burnett region of Queensland

Gayndah Museum - our steam engine display

The Gayndah Museum is very proud of our display of operating and non-operating steam engines and they are a tribute to our dedicated team of volunteers who work on their maintenance and restoration.

The display includes the Number 2 engine originally built by Walkers Engineering 1893 in Maryborough for the Maryborough Sugar Mill. This beautifully preserved engine is still in operating condition and the sound of it's whistle is something that all the children in town recognise.

We also have one of the auxiliary engines taken from the British warship, HMS Australia just before she was scuttled off Sydney at the end of World War 1.

Other engines in the collection include a Clayton Shuttleworth 2.5hp engine and a Marshall 11hp twin cylinder engine. Both are in operating condition and you can see them in steam on our regular steam days (or when there is a sufficiently large group of visitors coming by prior arrangement.)

For the dates of our regular steaming days please check the Events calendar.

Even if the engines aren't in steam you're free to wander through the collection and admire the workmanship that went into these fine pieces of machinery.


An operating steam engine at the Gayndah Museum


The Gayndah Museum is located in Simon Street, Gayndah
Opening hours are from 9am to 4pm every day of the year except Good Friday and Christmas Day.
The Museum can be contacted on (07) 4161 2226 or after hours on (07) 4161 1698


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